Dr Jonathan Toussaint - Marriage Celebrant, Keynote Speaker, Author & Mediator, Clinical Supervision, Workplace Coach, Parenting & Relationship Couselling

Your Trusted Newcastle Counsellor

Today’s world is riddled with problems that are related to the various mental, physical, and social conditions of humans. These problems, be they old or novel ones, are worth looking into since they affect the well-being of individuals or of entire communities.

To address these issues, there is a need for someone who focuses on these conditions to promote human well-being. Dr Jonathan Toussaint has dedicated his life to this cause and is bringing his education and experience to provide the help you need.

Dr Jonathan Toussaint’s Advocacies

Dr Jonathan Toussaint envisions a world that has communities that prioritise the physical, social, emotional, and mental well-being of individuals. His work experiences in the various fields are focused on bringing this vision to reality. To learn more about his work and services, feel free to navigate this site or contact Dr Jonathan Toussaint’s office.


Services Offered


Marriage Celebrant


Keynote Speaker, Author & Mediator


Clinical Supervision


Workplace Coach


Parenting & Relationship Couselling

Work Experience

Aside from his work in research and counselling, Dr Jonathan Toussaint has worked with the not-for-profit sector, business, industries, and government. Some of his credentials include the following:

Director of the People Potential Group;
Head of Health and Behavioural Sciences of the Medical Register of Australia;
President of the International Society of Counselling and Clinical Supervisors;
Chief Executive Officer of Procare and Hunter Prostate Cancer Alliance; and
Many other professional associations.