Dr Jonathan Toussaint has dedicated his professional life for the Australian community sector. This sector deals with the notforprofit social sector of the country, and has become one of his passions over the years. His methods include strategies that benefit families and communities, and he is known for his approaches that are primarily strength-based.

Work in the not-for-profit sector

His work in the not for profit sector includes the fields of mental health, physical and mental disabilities, and children’s services. Dr Jonathan Toussaint has fulfilled both clinical leadership and executive management roles for these fields.In addition, he has vast experience in industry, businesses, and government. He is currently serving as the head of the Health and Behavioural Sciences of the Medical Register of Australia.

proven methods & rich experience

He is well-versed in methods such as therapies, mediation, coaching, training, guiding others. His qualifications in psychology, together with his doctorate degree in health science, all provide him with the experience and insight in administering these methods with precision. As a testament to his experience and expertise, he has also published works on these subjects.Dr Jonathan Toussaint has also been the president of the International Society of Counselling and Clinical Supervisors since 2013. He has since been promoting excellence and professionalism in the fields of counselling and supervision.

advocacies & research interests

His advocacies include social justice, equality, and human rights. He envisions forming communities whose members’ physical, mental, emotional, and social needs are well-taken care of.He is active in research, and some of his interests lie in the field of the neuroscience of human social behaviour. He also deals with research on the insights on psychopathological conditions which are likely related to attachment dysregulation.All the above qualifications make him a reliable resource person both as a speaker and a counsellor. Contact Dr Jonathan Toussaint today to schedule an appointment.

Dr Jonathan Toussaint
Dr Jonathan Toussaint