Keynote Speaker, Author, and Mediator

People are more inclined to listen to and believe the words of someone who has more experience in a field. A keynote speaker or mediator should be exactly that. These people should be motivational, credible, and inspirational. A person who has held a position of authority and leadership will have words that people are more inclined to heed. If you are considering getting a speaker or mediator for an event, Jonathan Toussaint will be more than happy to offer his services.


The field of medicine and counselling is Doc Jonathan Toussaint’s expertise. If you are looking for a keynote speaker for a medical or a counselling event, then consider Doc Jonathan Toussaint. His experience and credentials and these fields make him a worthy contender for motivational speeches for these events.

His wide range of work in the not for profit sector, government, and industry gives him various insights that only an experienced professional will have. His experience as a counsellor, researcher, leader, and mediator give him the unique perspectives that only someone of his calibre can have. These qualities all make him the perfect candidate for a keynote speaker.

Dr Jonathan Toussaint
Dr Jonathan Toussaint

Doc Jonathan Toussaint’s Fields

Doc Jonathan Toussaint is a well-known researcher in the field of neuroscience, human social behaviour, and counselling. His work in these fields has given him crucial knowledge regarding various human mental and social conditions. As a testament to his expertise, he is also a renowned author who has published written work on these fields..


No matter where you are in the world, Doc Jonathan Toussaint can be the keynote speaker for your medical or counselling-related event. His skills, credentials, and ability to motivate people will surely give your event’s attendees something to remember.

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Dr Jonathan Toussaint