Unlike in some other countries, only a registered marriage celebrant is allowed to officiate a wedding ceremony in Australia. Doc Jonathan Toussaint is a registered marriage celebrant, and is allowed to officiate weddings. If you want a professional to officiate your ceremony, consider the assistance of Doc Jonathan.


Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life. As such, every aspect of that day needs to be perfect. Doc Jonathan Toussaint will help you make that happen, as his professional aid will allow your wedding ceremony to be one to remember.

Right from day one, expect him to make an effort to ensure that the ceremony is aspersonal as it can get. He does this by meeting with you to know you individually, and letting you choose and create your own portfolio of wedding vows.

Looking to hold a wedding ceremony for anniversary or renewal of vows? Doc Jonathan Toussaint can be there to witness it for you. He can help you in customising your renewal ceremony to be a reflection of your identity as a couple, and a reflection of your promises to each other. As a recognised relationship counsellor, he can also help your marriage blossom into an even more fruitful relationship.

Dr Jonathan Toussaint
Dr Jonathan Toussaint

Commitment ceremonies

A commitment ceremony is a way of showing your partner your love, commitment, and your promise to share your lives together. Although not legally binding, these ceremonies are fully customisable to your tastes.

Your commitment ceremony can go however you like, and Doc Jonathan Toussaint can help you make it memorable.

Baby Naming Days

Baptisms are usually associated with certain religions and customs. Baby naming days, on the other hand, are either non-religious or can be tailored to fit whatever your culture or beliefs may be. Doc Jonathan Toussaint is experienced in officiating baby naming days and can help make your baby’s ceremony a meaningful one to remember.

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Dr Jonathan Toussaint