A good working relationship with your team is one of the most important things to have inside the workplace. An efficient team needs to be like a well-oiled machine, with all the parts working together in tandem for tasks to be performed properly. Humans, however, are far from being machines. A good relationship with a working team needs much more than just performing each task mechanically. Doing these tasks mindlessly can lead to an unhappy work experience, and a workplace that is not conducive for work.

Make your team productive

What is it that a good team needs? A great working relationship with your team means that your skills complement each other quite well. We all have weaknesses. The weakness of one member is complemented by another member’s strengths. The weaknesses of that member are complemented by another’s skills. Having a team whose members complement one another is key to having a great working relationship.

Another factor that is necessary for success is the happiness and dedication of the team members to doing the tasks needed of them. Always remember that skills can be developed and work can be learned. The willingness into doing the work, however, must come from the individual. Dedication on the part of the individual is necessary into building an attitude that will work well within a team.

Dr Jonathan Toussaint
Dr Jonathan Toussaint

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